Globaljig North America was started with the vision of bringing the most efficient, versatile, and precise structural repair systems to the North American collision repair market. Our mission is to eradicate the consumer thought that a structurally damaged vehicle will never be the same again by equipping shops with the equipment needed to truly repair the vehicle structure back to the exact specifications and tolerances that the vehicle maker assembled it to originally. This will assure that a "repaired" vehicle drives and handles identically to a "new" vehicle.

Globaljig North America is ran by Erik Larum (CEO North American Operations) and Craig Totten (Director of Training and Technical Support), who bring a combined lifetime of experience in the collision repair industry and equipment sales business to the company. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a short bio of each of them. They, along with our dedicated team of Distributors across the U.S. and Canada, will provide you with the utmost in service and training to go along with the finest structural repair equipment in the world.

Globaljig International headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Massa, Italy, in the Tuscany region of the country. Here since the early 1980s they have produced and sold structural repair benches and the internationally patented Dima Universal, Globaljig Universal Fixture System.

The Globaljig Dima Universal combines the advantages of dedicated fixtures and universal mechanical measuring systems, greatly simplifying, and adding precision to structural repairs in the body shop.
Ease of use, efficiency, and precision of repair quality are always foremost in the design and manufacture of every Globaljig product. Loading of vehicles is quick and efficient thanks to easy to place ramps, sliding crossbeams and support bases, and the monocube height rods requiring just one bolt to secure the fixture brackets. The easy to read database measures all important control points on the vehicle structure, accomplishing holding and measuring in one easy and fast operation.

Globaljig International headquarters and factory in Massa

Globaljig, recognized by prestigious auto manufacturers, and present in all world markets as far back as 1982 has transformed the work of the structural repair technician. With changing vehicle design the Globaljig system has become a necessity that the modern body shop cannot do without. A prestigious line of products including:

  • SuperROTAX The premier of the range with pulling towers that effortlessly glide 360 degrees around the bench. Combined with the Dima Universal SuperRotax is the future of truck and SUV structural repair.

  • EVOLUTION Universal and versatile, designed to accommodate any type of uni-body or full frame vehicle.

  • SYSTEM The mobile "bench on wheels" approved by many top vehicle makers.

  • CM10 The repair stall lift that can safely handle anything you ask it to do.

  • DAKOTA The lift for prep decks and booths.

  • KOALA The little bench with BIG possibilities.

  • Quick Pull The "Fast Repair" option that can be used as a lift or for light duty pulling operations.

  • TRAXO The revolutionary chainless robotic pulling arm.

Globaljig systems are the most suitable means to face the future of the collision repair industry with greater competitiveness and professionalism. Let a Globaljig specialist help you design and build your repair stalls with the equipment of the future.


Erik Larum has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business and Economics from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He spent almost 10 years as the national sales manager for Car Bench America prior to coming to Globaljig. Erik was in charge of the distribution network, relationships with OEMs, as well as doing training and installation work with the equipment at the shop level. His years of experience, with Distributors, OEMs, and the product end user (the shops), with fixture type structural repair equipment means Erik has a great grasp on what equipment will be suitable for different shops and different situations. In his free time Erik is also an avid fisherman, and golfer.

Craig Totten has an education background in Mechanical Engineering from UMKC in Kansas City, Mo. While attending UMKC he made spending money by painting drag race cars in a small rented shop. This led to eventually doing collision repairs, buying a frame machine, and having a full-fledged body shop. He eventually went on to work as a structural repair specialist for a large dealership shop, and later to manage the collision shop in a Ford dealership.

In 2002 Craig went to work full time for I-CAR at the Tech Centre in Appleton Wisconsin. While there he wrote many live delivery I-CAR classes on subjects ranging from Advanced High Strength Steels, Steering and Suspension Damage Analysis, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. He also was the primary Jaguar Aluminum Structural Network trainer and the back up Audi Aluminum Structural Network trainer. One of his last projects at I-CAR was helping to design and implement the hands-on Corvette ZR1 Aluminum Structural Repair Training Program. Craig is still active as an I-CAR instructor today, capable of teaching the majority of their class offerings, as well as administering their steel and aluminum qualification tests.

Before coming to Globaljig North America Craig spent 2 years working for Infinity Laser Measuring, a company that manufactures a computer laser measuring system, and is affiliated with Car Bench America. While there Craig did training and installation work as well as research and development work with both companies. Craig is also still actively involved in repairing wrecks and using the equipment in real world situations.

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