Technical Sheet


A new concept in straightening systems, considered the flagship of the range, keeping Globaljig technicians in step with the most advanced technologies. SuperRotax is the "future" of truck and SUV structural repair.

SuperRotax is available in 5m and 6m lengths, and comes with universal fixture sets that allow the repair of any vehicle without the need of renting or buying additional jigs.

Globaljig International has introduced the worlds first integrated straightening bench system in combination with universal fixturing that can repair any car, truck, SUV or van with absolute precision and considerable time savings over conventional systems.

One or more pulling arms run unencumbered along the entire perimeter of the bench allowing for multiple pulls at any position, front, back, or side, without repositioning of the vehicle.

The SuperRotax scissor lift is designed to lift vehicles up to 7,700 lbs (3,500 kg) to a working height of 70 inches (1750mm). It easily lifts, lowers, and tilts the bench from a versatile remote control allowing a single technician to monitor the vehicle while controlling the lift.


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